Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Koleksi CD PRogram Belajar 9

Daftar Koleksi CD PRogram Belajar 9 :

PC001 SAT ACT PSAT 2005 (3 cd)
PC002 Barbie Calender and Banners
PC003 MYOB Accounting v 13
PC004 Total 3D Home Deluxe 2005 (2 cd)
PC005 Eye Wire Beauty
PC006 Fruity Loops Studio 5.0.2
PC007 Expert Choice 2000 Second Edition
PC008 AutoDESK MAP 3D 2006 (2 cd)
PC009 Solaris Operating Sistem 10 (4 cd)
PC010 Mobile Tools and Polyphonics 2005
PC011 Kajian Praktis Tentang Al-Hadits
PC012 Cepat & Mandiri : Microsoft Power Point 203
PC013 Mathematics with PIPO (Learn Math with Lots of Funny Games)
PC014 Geography with PIPO (Explorer the World and Learn while Playing)
PC016 Pocket PC Games 2005
PC017 Photo Explosion Deluxe (4 cd)
PC018 Print Shop Pro Publisher Deluxe 15 (3 cd)
PC019 N-GAGE 2006 All in 1
PC020 Yahoo! Mobile Phone Tools 2006 - Get New Look! Mobile
PC021 Microsoft Windows 2003 SP 1 Collection
PC022 Symbian Ware 2005 vol 1
PC023 Symbian Ware 2005 vol 2
PC024 AutoPatch 5.0 for Windows XP (Windows XP Patch/Update April 2005)
PC025 Adobe Photoshop CS 2
PC026 Ulead Video Studio 9
PC027 Web Developer Studio v 5.33 (2cd)
PC028 Pinnacle Studio v 9.3 Plus
PC029 Oxygen Phone.Manager II for Symbian OS Phones v2.0.4.1 + MobiMB v2.2 + Ringtones + Games + Logo
PC030 Oxygen Phone Manager v2.4 + MobiMB v2.2 + Ringtones + Games + Logo
PC032 Arcvision - Walking Casual People
PC033 Pro/Eng Routed System Designer 5.5
PC035 Combustion 4.0 (2 cd)
PC036 Sibelius 3.1
PC037 Corel Gallery 04
PC038 MSC Patran 2005
PC039 MSC Dytran 2005
PC040 Crystal Report 11
PC041 Adobe Indesign CS 2
PC042 Adobe Illustrator CS 2
PC043 Visual Basic 6 - Internet Program
PC044 Ulead Studio Professional Edition
PC045 Audio & Video Converter 2006
PC046 Aplikasi Microsoft Access Perpustakaan
PC047 CD Belajar Flash MX for Games
PC048 Contoh Program Visual Basic 6
PC049 Change Beauty Studio 2
PC050 Guitar Coach - Simply a Great Way to Learn and Play
PC051 Anak Mandiri : Aku Gak Takut ke Dokter
PC052 Anak Pintar : Lautan dan Komputer Ria
PC053 Anak Juara : Berpetualang ke Pulau Hodob
PC054 Anak Islam : Berpetualang ke Planet Cahaya
PC055 Anak Mandiri : Aku Senang Sekolah
PC056 Bermain dan Belajar Sistem Komputer untuk Anak SD
PC057 Adobe CS 2 Premium (2 cd)
PC058 Microsoft AutoRoute 2005 (2 cd)
PC060 Business Letter 2005 Profesional Edition
PC062 CD Interaktif Anak untuk usia 5-8 tahun - Mengembangkan Kecerdasan Matematika dan Logika
PC063 Celemony Melodyne
PC064 Crystal PowerPlugs Template I and II - for Microsoft Powerpoint
PC065 Crystal PowerPlugs Template III - for Microsoft Powerpoint
PC066 Crystal PowerPlugs Photos I and II - for Microsoft Powerpoint
PC068 Face Factory
PC071 IronCAD 7.0
PC072 Intel C++ Compiler v 8.1 windows
PC073 Intel Fortran Compiler v 8.1 windows
PC074 Image Bank (2 cd)
PC075 Kamus Inggris - Indonesia
PC076 Lynda.com Advanced Corel Draw 12 (2 cd)
PC077 Maya Lab vol 11
PC079 MultiSIM 8
PC080 Motion Builder 5.5
PC081 O'Reilly's BookSelf Suite 2005
PC082 Super Auto Route 2006
PC083 Top Radio Broadcasting
PC084 World Books Encyclopedia 2005 (2 cd)
PC085 Web Animations 2004
PC086 Pc Premiere 2005 vol. 12
PC087 FloorPlan 3D Design Suite 5.0
PC088 Emergency Pack CD 06/2005 - FireFox Tune Magic
PC089 Fun Pack CD 06/2005 : Movie Trailers, Games, Wallpapers (SWAT 4)
PC090 Basic Skill of Selling and Product Knowlegde Skill Lesson
PC091 Desktop Translator
PC092 Learn Chinese Now!
PC093 French Assistant
PC094 English as Second Language (ESL) for Beginner
PC095 Astound Presentation 7
PC096 Microsoft Office Personal Portfolio
PC097 Ulead CD and DVD PictureShow v3.0
PC098 HomePage Template for Professional Use
PC099 Ulead Cool 3D 3.5
PC100 World Talk Japanese
PC101 Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator
PC102 KanjiKit 2000 Japanese + KanjiWord 3.5
PC103 Ulead Photo Impact XL 8.5 + Photo Explorer v8.5 Retail
PC104 Islam Images Collection
PC105 Ulead PhotoImpact v10.0 Retail + PhotoImpact Album v10.0
PC106 Instant Play Piano Deluxe Edition
PC107 Clipart Animal & Nature 2005
PC108 Jalan-Jalan di BaNdung Yuk!
PC109 Linux Fedora Core 4 (4 cd)
PC110 Microsoft Office Small Bussines Accounting 2006
PC111 ACID Music Loops Collections and Loops Sampler Project (2cd)
PC112 AAA Logo
PC113 Alias Solution 2006
PC115 Adobe GoLive CS 2
PC119 Adobe Photoshop CS2 Plug-Ins Library Collection
PC120 Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Retail v 9 + Video Training + Plugin
PC122 Cubase SX 3
PC124 Catia Release 15 (2 c) **
PC125 Catia Documentation v5 release 11 (5 cd)
PC126 Complete Accounting and Business 2006
PC127 Click Art Galery 2006
PC129 Corel Workshop 2005 Professional Edition
PC131 Dance Ejay 7 (2 cd)
PC132 Disney Print Studio 2005
PC133 3D Studio Max 7.5
PC135 Engineering Analysis 2006
PC137 Electronic Desgin 2005
PC138 Fun-Fun Nokia
PC139 File Protector Collection
PC140 Graphic Design Ebook All in One
PC143 Graphic Suite 2006
PC145 Install Shield Pro 2005
PC146 Internet Utilities 2006
PC149 Juice Drops (5 cd)
PC150 KIOS Application - Program Aplikasi Penjualan Siap Pakai
PC151 King of Pocket PC 2006 vol 1
PC152 King of Pocket PC 2006 vol 2
PC153 King of Pocket PC 2006 vol 3
PC154 Learn Visual J++ 6 Now
PC155 Lusas Film Sound Effect Library
PC156 Linux: Xandros Desktop OS 3.0.1 Open Circulation
PC157 Magazine Ebook Collection 2005
PC159 Macromedia 2006
PC160 Mapping Pro 2005
PC161 Microsoft MSDN Library July 2005 (3 cd)
PC162 Math and Statistic Pro 2005
PC165 Nokia Revolution 2005
PC166 Nokia Up Games
PC167 Nuendo 3
PC168 New AntiVirus, Backup and System Registry 2006
PC169 Pro Engineering Wildfire
PC170 Pro Tools v 6.7 - DigiDesign
PC171 PDF and OCR 2006
PC172 Poser 6 Plus Edition
PC173 Poser Complete Add-Ons 2006
PC174 PC Premiere 2006 vol. 1
PC175 PC Premiere 2006 vol. 2
PC176 Photo Impact 10 Pro (3 cd)
PC178 QuickBooks and Quicken Pro 2005
PC179 Revit Building v 8.0
PC180 Reason 3 (3 cd)
PC181 Super Handphone Software Connection 2006
PC182 Sony Workshop 2006
PC184 Sound Stream 2006
PC185 Sound Effect Suite 2005
PC186 StarDock Collection 2005
PC187 The King of Screen Saver 2006
PC188 Technical Soft Tools
PC189 Ulead Video Studio 9 (2 cd)
PC190 Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Plus SP 6
PC191 Wawasan 6060 Application Selection
PC192 Windows XP 64 Bit Corporate Edition (Windows XP Professional x64 Edition)
PC195 Adobe Illustrator CS 2 2006
PC198 Arcvision RPC - Travelling People
PC199 Bentley Auto Pipe 2004 - Pipe Stress Analysis 8.5 **
PC200 Bentley Auto Plant Structural - 3D Strucrural Modelling 8.5 **
PC201 Bentley Process and Instrumentation 2004 **
PC202 Bank Soal Plus SD Kelas 1
PC203 Bank Soal Plus SD Kelas 2
PC204 Bank Soal Plus SD Kelas 3
PC205 Bank Soal Plus SD Kelas 4
PC206 Bank Soal Plus SD Kelas 5 dan Kelas 6 (2 cd)
PC207 Corel Draw 12 + Service Pack 1
PC208 Complete HomePage Template 2006 part 1
PC209 Complete HomePage Template 2006 part 2
PC210 Complete HomePage Template 2006 part 3
PC211 Complete HomePage Template 2006 part 4
PC217 Dosch Design Logo Animation
PC218 Dosch Design Texture Animated Water
PC219 Dosch Design Texture Stone and Concrete
PC220 Dosch Design Texture Plant and Nature
PC223 Halion String Edition vol 1 (9 cd)
PC225 Linux Suse Profesional 9.3 (5 cd)
PC226 Linux Ubuntu (2cd)
PC227 Adobe Premier Pro Edition (2 cd)
PC228 Magic Ringtones Maker
PC229 Smart PC Protector 2006
PC231 Mathematics Ebook Collection 2006
PC232 Music Empire Tools 2006
PC233 Presentation and Public Speaking
PC234 MYOB Accounting Edge 2005 (MAC)
PC235 New CAD CAM 2006
PC237 Power SIM Studion 2005 Enterprise
PC238 SmartDraw v 7.2 Suite + Clipart and Library Collection
PC240 Tatto Design Collection 2006
PC242 Sampletank v 1 (5 cd)
PC243 Visual Basic 6 - with SP 4 Professional
PC244 Waresound Effect Library Collection
PC245 Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4 and RU1
PC246 Adobe Premier Pro 1.51
PC248 Kontakt 2

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