Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Koleksi CD Program Belajar 14

Daftar Koleksi CD Program Belajar 14 :

PD251 Votergate : Presidential Election Special Edition (Computer Voting) [Video Mov] **
PD252 John Stewart on C-SPAN : 1 hour interview [Video Avi] **
PD253 FEMA Camp footage - Scary [Video Avi] **
PD254 Donald Duck - Der Fuehrers Face (Nazi - banned) [Video Mpg] **
PD255 WTO : Problem, Reactin, Solution [Video Rm] **
PD256 BBC - Greg Pallast : Bush Family Fortunes [Video Wmv] **
PD257 BioTerror [Video Rm] **
PD258 BBC - Coldwar : Dirty Science [Video Rm] **
PD259 Freemasonry - From Darkness To Light? [Video Avi] **
PD260 Modern Marvels - Surveillance Tech [Video Wmv] **
PD261 Rekso Translator 2.1 (The New Version of Transtool) **
PD262 Encyclopedia Tebak Kata, Seri : Pengetahuan Umun "Nusantara" (Teka Nusantara) untuk SD
PD263 Encyclopedia Tebak Kata, Seri : Pengetahuan Umun "Dunia" (Teka Dunia) untuk SD
PD264 Encyclopedia Tebak Kata, Seri : Pengetahuan Alam (Teka Alam) untuk SD
PD265 Tebar : Tebak Gambar, Kamus Gambar Bahasa Inggris (Tebar English) untuk SD
PD266 Biologi Sel : Struktur & Fungsi Organel Sel
PD267 SPSS 15.0 for Windows
PD268 PCP English Dictionary for Student
PD269 PCP Dictionary of Computing
PD270 PCP DIctionary of Medicine
PD271 IndoBilling 4.50 Unlimited **
PD272 Conversation Confidence
PD273 Macromedia Flash 8
PD274 PCL Printer Driver for Canon iR330-400, GP200-225, iR210, iR600-550-60
PD275 Quick PC 71 - Software Collection for year 2005
PD276 VCD & PC Edu-Games - Bobby Bola Keliling Dunia Episode 2 : Benua Eropa dan Afrika
PD277 Tutorial Interactive : Mengetik Huruf Arab pada Windows XP + Islamic Software
PD278 Program Mitra Apotik
PD279 Program Mitra Bengkel
PD280 Program Mitra Mini Market
PD281 Program Mitra Rental
PD282 Program Mitra Seluler
PD283 Program Mitra Toko
PD284 Program Mitra Usaha Plus
PD285 9/11 : The Myths and The Reality by David Ray Griffin [Video Wmv] **
PD286 Your Wedding Part 1
PD287 Autocad Mechanical 2007 (2 cd)
PD288 Turbo C# 2006 Explorer Edition
PD289 Turbo C++ 2006 Explorer Edition
PD290 Turbo Delphi
PD291 Tutorial Interactive: Membuat Animasi dan Program Interaktif Flash MX
PD292 Dis B2B Indonesia 2006-2007
PD293 Corel Painter X
PD294 SQL Server 2005 Fundamental & Administration (dengan SQL Server Management Studio)
PD295 Tutorial Interactive: Perakitan PC
PD296 Primavera Project Planner
PD297 Tutorial Interactive: Video Editing dengan Adobe Premiere
PD298 AutoCAD 2002 - 3D: Pembuatan Model Rumah dan Komponennya
PD299 Digital Qur'an Versi 3.2
PD300 Mahir Matematika SD Kelas 2
PD301 Belajar Berhitung 1-20 dan Tambah Kurang
PD302 Aku Anak TK Seri Tumbuhan
PD303 PC Media 05/2007
PD304 PC Mild 05/2007 (Kumpulan PDF Tabloid PC Mild 26 Edisi di tahun 2006)
PD305 Olah Digital Fotografi dengan Adobe Photoshop CS
PD306 Toturial Interaktif - MYOB Accounting 12
PD307 Bersahabat dengan FISIKA: Mengenal Besaran, Gerak dan Tata Surya
PD308 Eovia Carrara Studio Pro 4.1.1
PD309 Samplitude Professional 7.0
PD310 Eovia Amapi Designer v 7.16
PD311 MBTI Software (The Personality Test Software)
PD312 Eovia Amapi Pro v 7.5
PD313 Kumpulan Driver untuk Notebook Toshiba Satellite PSL/L 30
PD314 Eovia Carrara Render Node v 4.1.1
PD315 World Ebook Library **
PD316 Eovia Hexagon 1.0
PD317 World Wide School **
PD318 Alias Motion Builder 6.0
PD319 DirectX Acoustic Modeler v1.0
PD320 Hash Animation Master 9.0J
PD321 Band In A Box v 8.0 Professional
PD322 Finale 2003
PD323 LucasFilm Sound Effects Library CD1 - Animal Sounds
PD324 LucasFilm Sound Effects Library CD2 - Elements
PD325 LucasFilm Sound Effects Library CD3 - IndustrySounds
PD326 LucasFilm Sound Effects Library CD4 - Aircraft Carrier
PD327 LucasFilm Sound Effects Library CD5 - Helicopter & Private Jet
PD328 LucasFilm Sound Effects Library CD6 - Porsche 911 & Corvette
PD329 Canopus Imaginate 2.0
PD330 Macromedia Captivate 1.0
PD331 Macromedia Contribute 3.1
PD332 Video & Audio Relaksasi Positive Hypnotist bersama Faisal Muqtadiru (2 cd)
PD333 The Rosetta Stone Language Library - Deutsch I & II
PD346 911 Total Wake Up CD **
PD347 Audiobook : Alan Watts - Drug Abuse -Timothy Leary Interview
PD348 David Ray Griffin CSPAN Speech 30 April 2005 [Video AVI]
PD349 Saudi America - Master And Servant [Video AVI]
PD350 Audiobook : William Cooper - Behold A Pale Horse **
PD351 Election Hacking - Clinton Curtis Testimony - Ohio 2004 [Video Wmv]
PD352 SIR! NO SIR! The G.I. Revolt [Video Wmv]
PD353 Star Wars in Iraq by Maurizio Torrealta & Sigfrido Ranucci (guerre stellari english) [Video RM]
PD354 Discovery Science - Owning The Weather [Video RM]
PD355 Bad Trip To Edgewood [Video RM]
PD356 Our Friend Sadaam [Video RM]
PD357 FBI CointelPro War on Black America [Video Wmv]
PD358 David Cole At Auschwitz - Nazi Jew Revisionism [Video Wmv]
PD359 Road To Guantanamo [Video RM]
PD360 Clifford E Carnicom : Aerosol Crimes [Video Wmv]
PD361 Audiobook : Jay Abraham - 93 Referral Systems **
PD362 Tokoh-Tokoh Indonesia **
PD363 BBC - Greg Palast : The Stealing Of The 2000 Presidential Election [Video Wmv] **
PD364 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Personal Enhancement Series [6 set audio] **
PD365 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Designing Your Destiny (1) **
PD366 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Wealth Planning (2) **
PD367 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Motivation (3) **
PD368 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Dream Machine (4) **
PD369 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Passion For Life (5) **
PD370 Audiobook : Richard Bandler - Turbocharge Your Life (6) **
PD371 BBC Documentary - Stupidity **
PD372 Audiobook : George Orwell - Unabridged **
PD373 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati [Video Wmv]
PD374 Vmware Workstation 5.5.1
PD375 Mahir Matematika SD Kelas 4
PD376 Mahir Matematika SD Kelas 5
PD377 Mahir Matematika SD Kelas 6
PD378 Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime [Video Avi]
PD379 Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test, Third Edition CD v1.1
PD380 EzPrint Tracker Pro v 2.1 **
PD381 Indian Pharmacopoeia 1996
PD382 Knowledge Adventure : JumpStart Preschool
PD383 Audiobook : Dr Alexander Elder - Trading For A Living CD1
PD384 Audiobook : Dr Alexander Elder - Trading For A Living CD2
PD385 Audiobook : Dr Alexander Elder - Trading For A Living CD3
PD450 BookCAT v8.10.03
PD451 Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
PD452 Microsoft Office Visio Profesional 2007
PD454 The Bat Professional Edition v3.99.24
PD455 Peta Jakarta - Jabotabek versi 2003
PD456 Peta Jakarta - Jabotabek edisi 2.0 versi 2004 - 2005
PD457 Peta Jakarta - Jabotabek edisi 2.0 versi 2005 - 2006
PD458 Third Edition of Architecture: Form, Space and Order **
PD459 Rental Calender v1.8
PD460 ExamForce CFA 2005 Level 2 CramMaster v1.2
PD461 ExamForce CFA 2005 Level 2 CramMaster v1.4
PD462 ExamForce CFA 2005 Level 2 CramMaster v1.5
PD463 ExamForce CFA 2005 Level 2 CramMaster v1.6
PD464 ExamForce CFA 2005 Level 3 CramMaster v1.2
PD465 ExamForce CFA 2005 Level 3 CramMaster v2.4
PD466 ExamForce CFA Institute CFA 2006 Level I CramMaster v1.6
PD467 ExamForce CFA Institute CFA 2006 Level II CramMaster v1.6
PD468 ExamForce CFA Institute CFA 2006 Level III CramMaster v1.8
PD469 Driver Printer Canon BJC 1000 SP
PD470 Interactive Glossary for Materials Science and Engineering CD-ROM
PD471 Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems From CRC Press 2000 **
PD472 Audio book - Mckenna Paul : Sleep Like a Log **
PD473 "Audio Book - Zarefsky David, Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning
(Teaching Company Great Courses) **"
PD474 Audiobook - Joe Vitale : The Attractor Factor -5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth **
PD475 Audiobook - Spencer Johnson (with Larry Wilson) : One Minute Sales Person **
PD476 "Ebook & Audiobook - Lucinda Bassett : Attacking Anxiety and Depression: A Self Help,
Self Awareness Program for Stress, Anxiety and Depression **"
PD477 Audiobook - Anthony Robbins : Lessons in Mastery **
PD478 "Audiobook - John C. Maxwell, Les Parrott : 25 Ways to Win with People:
How to Make Others Feel Like a Million Bucks"
PD479 Audiobook - Spencer Johnson : Who Moved My Cheese
PD480 Mindscape Brain Trainer 1
PD481 Mindscape Brain Trainer 2
PD482 Windows XP SP3 RTM Final
PD483 PDF Converter 5 Professional
PD484 Mobile Guide Edisi 6 (Media Informasi dan Panduan Optimalisasi Ponsel)
PD485 Audiobook - John C. Maxwell : Developing the Leaders Around You: How to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential
PD486 Audiobook - Tung Desem Waringin : Financial Revolution
PD487 Audiobook - Tung Desem Waringin : The Giant Step 1 - 3 ***
PD488 Audiobook - Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki and Cashflow sets
PD489 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Chris Matindas - Cara Memulai
PD490 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Mitch Sala - Anda Dapat Yang Anda Fokus
PD491 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Doug Wead - Beberapa Tantangan Besar & Masker Oksigen
PD492 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing - Mengundang Dengan Benar
PD493 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Erry Prabowo - Kebiasaan Seorang Diamond
PD494 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Dien Prabowo - Prinsip Pertanian
PD495 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Mitch & Deidre Sala - Amway & Trend Dunia
PD496 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Beni Wayong - Mengapa Network 21
PD497 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Samuel Ginting - Aku Hanya Ingin Menjadi Diamond
PD498 AudioBook - Multilevel Marketing by Paul Agus - Goals, Passive Income, & Pentingnya Daftar Nama
PD499 LISREL 8.51 **
PD500 Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary v 6.0 (2 cd) **

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