Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Koleksi CD Game Belajar 6

Daftar Koleksi CD Game Belajar 6 :

GC218 Woody Woodpeckers
GC221 World Tycoon 2003
GC222 Xtreme Accuracy Shooting
GC224 Star Wars - Battle Front (3 cd)
GC230 Speels of Gold
GC253 Deer Hunter 2005
GC256 World War II - Sniper
GC260 Knight of Honor (2 cd)
GC261 Spongebob - SquarePants
GC262 727 Professional Expansion Pack for Flight Simulator 2003/2004
GC263 Time to Ride
GC265 Total Club Manager 2005 (2 cd)
GC267 National Lampoon's University Tycoon
GC275 Zoo Tycoon 2
GC277 Athens 2004
GC278 Ski Resort Extreme
GC285 Axis & Allies (2 cd)
GC286 Spongebob SquarePants - The Movie
GC289 Turtles II - Battle Nexus (3 cd)
GC290 Ford Racing III
GC291 Shrek II - Team Action
GC296 Pony Girl 2
GC297 Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
GC300 Need For Speed - Underground 2 (2 cd)
GC301 Half-Life 2 (3 cd)
GC302 Football Manager 2005
GC305 Ultimate Hongkong 10
GC308 Prince Of Persia - Warrior Within (3 CD)
GC320 Disney Tarzan
GC323 Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile
GC324 Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (2 cd)
GC330 Shopping Centre Tycoon
GC333 Wings Over Vietnam - Air Combat 1964-1973 (1 CD)
GC341 Terrorist TakeDown
GC345 PC Mini Games for 17 Years
GC346 PC Mini Games vol 12
GC348 Snowie 4 Pro Edition (BackGammon / Money Game)
GC349 King Of Fighter 2000 Super EX Edition
GC350 GameBoy Emulator 290 in 1 Games Series
GC351 Kid's Game Collections
GC353 WW II - Panzer Claws (2 cd)
GC359 Blitzkrieg - Rolling Thunder (2 cd)
GC368 Batman - Justice Unbalanced
GC370 Indiana Jack
GC375 Mike's Monstrous Adventures
GC376 Heart of Iron II
GC378 Megaman-X 6
GC382 Metris III
GC385 Worms Deluxe
GC391 Playboy - The Mansion (2cd)
GC393 Dangerous Waters (2 cd)
GC396 Winning Eleven 8 (3 cd)
GC398 The Settlers - Heritage of The Kings (2 cd)
GC408 Dora Explorer - Back Pack Adventures
GC410 Spongebob - Operation Krabby Patty
GC420 The Sims 2 - University (2 cd)
GC430 Garfield
GC431 World Dance - A Cultural Adventures
GC435 Combat III - Task Force 121
GC439 Emergency 3 (2 cd)
GC442 Compuchess 2004
GC447 Blitzkrieg - Mission Barbarossa Expansion
GC449 SWAT 4 (2 cd)
GC457 SuperPower 2 (2 cd)
GC463 Barbie Beach Vacation
GC464 Barbie Sparkling Ice Show
GC470 Japanese Animation Part 1
GC471 Japanese Animation Part 2
GC472 Japanese Animation Part 3
GC477 Pirates - Live of Life
GC479 SpongeBob - Employee of the Moonth
GC481 Half-Life 2 Update
GC484 World of WarCraft Offline v 1.4 (5cd)
GC485 The House of The Dead 3
GC486 Ragnarok - New Character
GC487 Spongebob and Friend Basketball - Nicktoons Basketball
GC492 Tabloid Tycoon
GC500 Delta Force: Xtreme
GC501 Empire Earth 2 (2 cd)
GC504 StrongHold 2 (2 cd)
GC505 Rugrats Go Wild
GC506 Still Life (2 cd)
GC507 Juiced (3 cd)
GC508 Taxi 3 Extreme Rush + Manhattan Chase
GC509 Ragnarok Job 3 / Ragnarok Offline Advanced Exp 1.1 (2 cd)
GC516 Tycoon Collection 2005
GC517 Area 51 (3 cd)
GC518 Army Ranger - Mogadishu
GC519 Barbie Fashion Show
GC520 BattleField 2 (3 cd)
GC526 Game House 45 in 1
GC528 Lemonade Tycoon 2
GC529 Taxi 3 - Manhattan Chase
GC537 Super Puzzle Buble
GC538 The Settlers - Heritage of The Kings Expansion Pack
GC541 The Sims 2 - Body Shop
GC543 Warcraft III - Defence The Ancien AllStar (DOTA)
GC544 Yahoo Offline Bejeweled
GC545 Yahoo Offline Game House Collection
GC546 Yahoo Offline Gold Edition
GC548 Counter Strike Source Patch 1.6
GC549 Great Invasions
GC550 GTA San Andreas Disco Edition Expansion
GC551 Prison Tycoon
GC558 Fun Games 2006
GC565 Ventura Tycoon 2006
GC566 Yahoo Offline Deluxe
GC569 Ragnarok Level 3 (2 cd)
GC571 Cossack 2 Napoleonics Wars (3 cd)
GC587 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (6 cd)
GC595 KID Zone 2006
GC596 Blitzkrieg - Green Devils Expansion Pack (For Blitzkrieg I, Burning Horizon and Roliing Thunder)
GC598 Quake Rocket Arena
GC602 Devil Island Pinball
GC606 Mahjong Quest
GC611 C&C Zero The Rise to Power Exp (2 cd)
GC615 Taxi 3 - Extreme Rush
GC617 Little My Maid
GC620 Bubble Bubble
GC621 Barbie - as The Princess and the Pauper
GC628 Line Age 2 Offline (3 cd) / Byou Lineage 2 Private Server
GC634 Games Just for KIDS Lego Land
GC640 Premier Manager 2005-2006
GC641 War World III - Tactical Combat
GC642 Fable - The Lost Chapter (4 cd)
GC644 7 Sins
GC646 Sexy Beach 2 (3 cd)
GC649 Heavyweight Thunder (Game Tinju)
GC651 Bermain Yuk - untuk usia 2-6 tahun
GC652 Cabelas Big Hunter 2006
GC653 Cash Flow (2 cd)
GC659 Fun Games 2006 vol 3
GC660 JetFighter 2015
GC661 Power Drome
GC663 The Sima 2 - Night Life (3 cd)
GC666 World of War 2 - Tank Commander
GC667 Gear Fighter Dendoh
GC668 Beats Of Rage
GC670 Capcom vs SNK 2
GC672 Fatal Fury Collection
GC674 Naruto Fighting
GC675 Samurai Showdown 4
GC676 Samurai Showdown 5
GC677 Earthworm Jim 3D
GC678 Airport 2000 vol. 3
GC679 Turbo GT
GC680 Xtreme Beach Volleyball
GC681 Crazy Taxi Racer New York 2004
GC682 Age Of Empire 3 (3 cd)
GC683 Midnight Road Warriors
GC684 Big Game Hunting (2 cd)
GC685 Colin McRae Rally
GC686 Civilization IV (2 cd)
GC687 Speedway 2000
GC688 Need for Speed - Most Wanted (4 cd)
GC689 Quake 4 (4 cd)
GC690 Bobo & Friend
GC691 Tony Jaa : Tom Yum Goong - The Game
GC692 Moto GP 3 U.R.T (2 cd)
GC694 CSI 3: Dimension of Murder
GC696 Top Speed Collection 2005
GC697 The Apprentice
GC698 Top Games 2007
GC699 Coffe break
GC700 Cabela's Dangerous Hunts
GC701 Star Wars Empire at War (3 cd)
GC702 Harry Potter 3 - Quiddith World Cup
GC703 Winning Eleven 9 (2 cd)
GC704 GPOTato Flyff USA
GC705 RF Indo Closed Beta (2 cd)
GC706 TS Online Episode 7, 2nd Reincarnation
GC707 Audition Offline - Dance Battle (2 cd)
GC708 Reflexive Mini Games Collections
GC709 101 Dino Pets (from Avanquest)
GC710 Disney/Pixar's Mike's Monstrous Adventure
GC711 Shark Tales
GC712 Wedding Dash 2

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